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Style & Grace: Red Carpet Naturals

Mon, Feb, 2012  Posted by sherrell  No Comments »
Style & Grace: Red Carpet Naturals Photo credit: Getty Images Did all of you sigh in a bitter-sweet emotion of defeat when Meryl Streep won best actress last night on the Oscars? Hands down Meryl is a PHENOMENAL actress transforming characters and exuding her roles as an actress “unreasonably” well. But there was a part of me that died a little on the inside when the gorgeous, talented and oh-so-brown and lovely Viola Davis didn’t win. Instantly, I was reminded of Dorothy Dandrige’s bitter sweet victory just decades earlier as all of black America waited in anticipation of finally being recognized for our talent and success in such a prejudice industry. Nonetheless, Viola and Octavia were some of the baddest women rocking couture gowns on the red...