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3 Ways To Start Treating Your Natural Hair Better

Thu, Apr, 2012  Posted by sherrell  2 Comments »
3 Ways To Start Treating Your Natural Hair Better   My hair has definitely seen brighter days. Those days I’ve gently massaged my scalp, covered it in olive oil and sat under the dryer. It’s even remembered the days I would religiously wear my satin scarf and take my Vivscal hair vitamins for extra nutrients. Now, each day is a fight. At some point I aspire to hire a glam squad to visit me every morning to give me fierce hair and beat my face into red carpet-ready glamour. Until then, my hair (which I call Angela), will see more dark days then usual. Caring for my hair is sometimes a dreadful task. From keeping it moisturized to keeping up with the latest trends and surfing for celebrity style inspiration I’m ready to retire. Nonetheless if I want to...

Style & Grace: Red Carpet Naturals

Mon, Feb, 2012  Posted by sherrell  No Comments »
Style & Grace: Red Carpet Naturals Photo credit: Getty Images Did all of you sigh in a bitter-sweet emotion of defeat when Meryl Streep won best actress last night on the Oscars? Hands down Meryl is a PHENOMENAL actress transforming characters and exuding her roles as an actress “unreasonably” well. But there was a part of me that died a little on the inside when the gorgeous, talented and oh-so-brown and lovely Viola Davis didn’t win. Instantly, I was reminded of Dorothy Dandrige’s bitter sweet victory just decades earlier as all of black America waited in anticipation of finally being recognized for our talent and success in such a prejudice industry. Nonetheless, Viola and Octavia were some of the baddest women rocking couture gowns on the red...