My 3 Day Juice Cleanse with LoveGrace


I am not a disciplined or organized eater.  Daily meals are a hodgepodge of whatever I can muster from the bottom of the fridge that has yet to turn. Or, if I’m desperately in need of NOT reaching my savings goals, I make my meal selections from one of ten over-priced restaurants in my neighborhood.

Since before I can remember my diet has varied much like my weight. Now that I’m over a quarter of a century old I believe it’s high time I kick my bad eating habits so that I’ll feel better in both my clothes and my skin.

Ask and you’ll receive and thankfully the generous folks at LoveGrace reached out to offer me a three-day juice cleanse. Big win! I’ve never attempted a juice cleanse in my life partly because a) I’d have to hand over my first born in order to afford an entire program and b) I don’t have the wherewithal to sit around juicing fruit and veggies.

For three days I went feet first into voluntary starvation in hopes of coming out the other side cleansed from my past food iniquities.


Here’s how it all went down.


The Daily Juice Regimen:

“Purify” – A natural diuretic flushing out toxins and brightening the skin, Purify also protects the body from free-radicals. Coconut water floods the blood with electrolytes and vitality leaving you refreshed and re-mineralized. The combination of coconut water and the chlorophyll from the green juice creates the ultimate transfusion.

“Restore” – Hello Vitamin A, C, K! This diverse array of veggies rebuilds cellular integrity with an abundance of phytonutrients. Parsley, a great source of Vitamin K for strengthening bones and creating the foundation for a strong nervous system. Chlorophyll found in all green plants and juices safely eliminates toxins on a cellular level while flooding the body with super rich minerals and nutrients.

“Longevity Tonic” – Considered a master herb, the shilajit in this elixir has been used for centuries for its potent anti aging properties. Users may enjoy a stronger immune system, increased libido, and much much more.

“Green Sunshine” - We couldn’t eat enough salad to get the phytonutrients available in this drink. We love kale with its anti-cancer properties and high doses of calcium and vit B’s.

“Ginger Bomb Elixir” - This cure-all with its anti-bacterial and antiviral properties will keep you fired up and feeling incredible. Keeps the metabolism up and the internal fire strong while juice cleansing!

“Super Cider” - Sweet and warming. Full of anti-cancer and anti-Alzheimer’s properties. Loaded with tons of minerals to beautify hair, skin, and nails. The juice for people that don’t even like juice.

See additional juices and smoothies I drank on my 3 day cleanse here


DAY 1: Sunday

I kicked off my cleanse with an open heart of thanks and praise. Starting a cleanse on a day you have to go to church is a strategy worth repeating. It is a day of humility, practicing grace and being reminded of how fortunate you are to have life. The short of it: drinking down coconut water and green things seems like a meal wrapped in faith. Not eating also reminds you that sustaining on bread, candy, and caffeine as part of a busy lifestyle are also gateways to destruction and addictions that must be kicked both physically and spiritually.


DAY 2: Monday

Begin delusions. I woke up dreaming of s’mores Pop Tarts and lemon heads (the ones I used to buy as a kid for a quarter in Seattle’s version of a slightly more upscale bodega). Tempted to eat a block of cheese and fake it through my cleanse, I instead asked for grace and love to make it all the way through. And then I vomited three times before I reached my 9 am meeting.

Perhaps my method for drinking the Purify slowly and following up too quickly with the Ginger Bomb was a bad idea?

The rest of my day was almost unbearable. With low blood sugar I found myself near incoherent and unable to focus at work. Given the fast-paced atmosphere of my job I managed to make it through half my day before throwing in the towel and spending the rest of my day in bed.

Despite my insane feelings of fatigue, I was feeling lighter and a bit less tempted to give up on the cleanse all together. Lack of food wasn’t the issue at this point. Getting through my cleanse successfully kept me balanced and focused.


Day 3: Tuesday

Hunger pangs were no longer beat boxing in my body. I’d spent way more time in the bathroom than I would have liked but ultimately I felt better, my headaches were gone (a result of sugar and caffeine cravings) and my skin was looking all levels of fabulous.

Most of all, I felt accomplished and able to take control of my diet in a way I’d never fought for before. I felt like G.I. Jane without the muscles and buzz cut.

I ended my cleanse/fast victoriously, settling into a dinner date at an Indian restaurant where I slowly savored curry cauliflower and roasted peas.



The overall benefits of my LoveGrace Foods cleanse were worth the struggle. By replacing my diet with whole, organic and fresh fruits and vegetables in liquid form I was able to give my digestive system a break and flush out toxins that I accumulate day after day from both food and the environment. Some may say that cleanses are a bit extreme but I find them absolutely necessary.

For the first time in my life, I didn’t make food my god. It was nutrition, a source for sustaining but not a source of being.

Three days is probably my max. Others can do a 10-day if they like but I know my limits.


Have you ever done a juice cleanse? What was your experience like?



P.S. Big thank you to LoveGrace for sponsoring my cleanse. Learn more about their incredible program here.  

Love and Beauty,



Image via LoveGrace

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  1. zellie imani says:

    I’ve never done a juice cleanse and you are seriously making me consider doing it. The benefits seem well worth it.

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