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If you haven’t noticed from my Instagram or Twitter, I’ve been on beast mode with this freelance writing stuff and digging deeper into environmental journalism and reporting. For almost a month now, I’ve been a daily contributor to the popular green design, technology and architecture site It’s been a challenge but well worth it.

I consider this new move a big win. And it’s a big growth process. I’m learning ho to write better, research better, stay informed and relevant. It’s always a good thing when you can get paid to do what you love.

So OBVs, if you see a tremendous lag on the blog (I’m going to do my best to keep up I promise even if it means staying up until 5 am to finish posts) you can find me over at Inhabitat, Black Enterpise or Organic Spa Magazine taking my talk and saving the planet one post at a time.

Check out a few of my most recent articles: 



What big wins have recently occurred in your life? 


Love and Beauty,


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