Oprah Ventures into Organics — Am I The Only One Squealing?

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Did you hear the news OBVs? The queen of all things media has recently filed a few patents and trademarks for a forthcoming line of organic products. (In my best Oprah voice) Now you’ll go green! You’ll go green! Everybody is going green! Tackling the food, cosmetics and lifestyle product category, with Oprah’s major influence across the world (especially for those that totally worship her), I’m sure that whatever she launches is going to be revolutionary and get folks thinking about making some significant and sustainable changes.

Auntie Oprah is a business woman first and though this move will be profitable, I’m anxious to witness this move connect the goals of raising environmental awareness and supporting initiatives that affect disadvantaged communities.

Everything the woman touches turns to go (uh hem… platinum).

I suppose we’ll see when we see. In the meantime I’ll keep watching Master Class and Life Class. Yes, I to belong to the church of Oprah as well. No judgment please. We’re all trying to get our ish together.


What do you think OBVs? Do you think you’d support a line of organic products from Oprah Winfrey?


Love and Beauty,


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