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Don’t judge me. I’m still that bag lady hopping on the train or bus with a purse and heavier-than-life tote bag filled with books. Have I contemplated getting a kindle? Of course! Even the thought of dropping 500 dollars post-paying my student loans has crossed my mind, but as a last resort I’ve still opted for ordering cheap used books from Amazon for pennies on the dollar.

There’s something about the smell, texture and literary euphoria I sill get when I open and discover the pages of a book. In college toting books and staying on top of reading assignments was a tremendous hassle but now, reading and indulging my brain in something other than Facebook messages and fashion magazines is a luxury.

Last week I journeyed into Barnes and Nobles. The day was wet (of course Seattle you would  play into your stereotype) and I found myself hanging downtown waiting on a client to finish their meeting. With the recent number of book store closures throughout the country I’d thought it to be rather odd that B & N was still vibrant and rampant with freeloaders and homeless men looking for a warm place to stay and a great book to gain inspiration.

Reluctantly, I strolled into my typical sections: African American literature, business, entrepreneurship, health and fitness. Off in the distance I spotted the children’s section and immediately I was five years old again.  Sweet memories of dates with me and my mom taking trips to the book store on the weekends became familiar once more. She’d leave me in the children’s section to revel in my love affair with the American Girl collection and Babysitter’s Club series while she brushed up on some Terry McMillan.

We spent a few hours amongst our favorite authors but for me there was never enough time to journey throughout each story. Mom and I would come out of B & N with huge smiles smeared across our faces, carrying our cherished green bags filled with our latest little pieces of adventure.

I say all of this to say that I don’t think I’ll ever be able to give up my love affair with physical books. I don’t need a power cord to get to know the power behind Zora Neal Hurston’s greatest works. I don’t have to have a back up source just in case my Jorge Louis Borges gets deleted.

How do you inscribe a thoughtful message when you give a book as a gift via an electronic download?  I still remember my mom sending me a copy of  Hill Harper’s “Letter’s To A Young Sister” with a note behind the front cover telling me to soar when I found myself feeling a little defeated my first semester in college.

Yeah. I don’t think I’m ready to give up my precious books to technology just yet…

What’s on my reading list for those that want to know…

Just finished:

Your Money God’s Way



Currently Drooling Over:

The Alchemist

The Natural Year


What’s on your reading list?

Love and beauty,




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5 Responses to “Books Just Do It Better”

  1. Crystal says:

    I was in this mind frame as well, but I did eventually get an Ipad. Still didn’t read as much on there as I found the ipad to be too big for reading, go figure. But over the holidays, my mom got me a kindle and it somehow revived my joy for being able to read on the go. I used to carry 2 and 3 books with me when I would go places. I still have many physical books. Some books I have a physical and an ebook for. I have several friends who read that are adamant with their stance of sticking to physical books. So, even though technology is lightening the need for physical books, I say read however/ whatever form you love!

    • sherrell says:

      Completely agreed Crystal. I think that having a kindle or another ereader will probably make me be forced to read a little more. I at least plan to transfer my magazine subscriptions to digital because they just keep piling up! Thanks again for commenting and taking the time to share. Love and Beauty – OBV

  2. CJ says:

    First, let me say I loved the Alchemist. I recently finished Blink and was debating between Outliers and Tipping Point. On to the reading, I like both. I love the convenience of my Kindle. I can think about a book and have it right now. I just finished a book on the train this morning, and I want a new book to read on my way back home. So, I can download Outliers and start reading this afternoon on train back home. I couldn’t do that with a physical book. I also like that everyone else doesn’t know what I’m reading. I don’t have to be embarrassed to pull out a romance novel or a self help book. On the other hand, I love books. There is something about flipping the pages that gets me excited. I like to lend the books to friends/family and borrow their books in return. There’s no way I’m lending my Kindle to anyone. I like to see my bookshelves fill up and then deciding between which books to keep out and which books need to go away. I like looking at them on the shelf. You can’t get that with a Kindle!

    • sherrell says:

      Thanks so much for commenting CJ. I think that at some point I’ll be playing with both the hard copy and the digital copy of a book. I guess the most important thing is to continue to read, read, read and expand our minds! I’d recommend reading the Tipping Point and then Outliers! – OBV

  3. Margee says:

    Thanks for posting this! I use Amazon for everything else but I never thought of buying used books from there! The Alchemist has been on my list for soooo long but I can never get it at the library. I just bought it on Amazon and should receive it in a couple of days. I’m so excited!!! Thanks again and I love your blog! :)

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