24 Hours to Change the World

If everyone could be half as amazing as my friend Joi Sears, the world would be a much butter place. Seriously. The artist, activist, world traveler and my old neighbor during my days in Harlem, is on a mission to save the world and I’m doing my part by making her mission known to all of you.

Her organization – Theatre for the Free People – an organization that uses the arts as a vehicle for social change, is raising funds today to end world hunger.
Find them today on www.philanthroper.com . They only have ONE DAY ONLY to change the world and support their Food Justice Project.
For less than the cost of lunch (<$10) you can help eradicate World Hunger and educate youth all across the globe on how to grow and prepare their own healthy organic food.
How you can help:
Donate Now!  Visit Philanthroper.com  to read their story and make a small donation today!
Spread the Word!  Please help spread the word about this cause on facebook, twitter etc. and don’t forget to tag and tweet them:

Twitter:  @4free_people #freethefood
If you believe in the power of the arts to change the world and like what we’re doing, you already have your finger on the donate button.  If you don’t… well they’ll just assume that you hate babies… and hungry people…

Tweet your support: $1 Teaches Inner-City Kids How to Cook Healthy Food http://philanthroper.com/deals/theatre-for-the-free-people via @philanthropr
I’ll be making my donation today. Will you?
Love and Beauty,
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