Natural Luxe: Using Tea Bags on Your Face for Glamorous Skin

You don’t have to turn to expensive creams, peels or spot treatments to target and banish acne on your skin. Turn down the drama and treat your skin with tea that gives you the benefit of pimple-fighting action, aromatherapy and natural solutions all in one. Say goodbye to nasty zits and hello to gorgeous skin in a holistic way.


Dandelion Tea

Acne can be emotionally devastating not only to teenagers but also to adults. Follow acupuncturist Kristen Burris’s advice and brew a cup of dandelion tea to treat acne both inside and out. Drink regularly to detox the body from acne-triggering toxins and apply topically on your skin to calm down all types of acne including cystic. The liver processes hormones, often a culprit for causing acne and dandelion tea cleanses the liver enabling it

to filter hormones more effectively, clearing up your skin.



Turn your ice tea into a beauty treat to help banish inflamed acne from your skin. Regular Lipton Tea Bags would be best to control acne. New York makeup artist Josephine Fusco recommends that her clients suffering with acne apply cool bags to their skin to allow the caffeine to reduce inflammation and redness. Stick your tea bags in the fridge for a few minutes, wash your face thoroughly to remove dirt, oil and debris, then apply the tea bags to affected areas. Treat your skin daily and follow by a serum made with glycolic
acid, mushroom extract or white willow bark for sexy clear skin.


Green Tea

Not only is green tea an ancient beauty and health necessity to maintain youthful and healthy skin, but it’s also great for treating acne and breakouts. Green tea is a natural anti-inflammatory solution, so dab them across your skin after drinking down the benefits on a daily basis.



It’s not the greatest tasting tea in the mix, but Komnbucha tea is is an ancient beverage used in China. It’s also believed to promote healthy skin. Complement your acne-fighting skin care routine with kombucha and work your way toward healthy, youthful and glowing skin.


Have you ever tried giving yourself a tea facial? Please tell me about it!


Love and Beauty,



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