Vixen of the Week: Jill Scott

I’m a devout fan of all things Jill and although I haven’t had the fortunate opportunity to speak with the lovely lady of music and style, somewhere in the universe I know we’re on the same plane.

This is my first Vixen of the Week feature where I didn’t actually interview the Vixen. But Jill inspired me this week right in the grocery store as I stood in the checkout stand glancing through this month’s issue of Sophisticates Black Hair.

I usually just go straight to the natural hair section (all three measly pages of it) for some new style inspiration and glance over the weaves, curls and relaxed manes that never scream my name. Then, there she was… 60 pounds lighter, a new do, a gorgeously beat face and words that explained everything I live for and strive when I work on Organic Beauty Vixen without knowing the end result.  I posted this on my wall and fan page on facebook:

‎”Beauty is an understanding of what you have. And It’s forgiving yourself of what you don’t have and appreciating all of it.”

-Jill Scott, Sophisticates Black Hair Magazine Interview

How many times have you looked in the mirror and picked apart every single feature that didn’t fit your idea of “perfect”? It’s really a sickness! I wanted to change my nose, my rear end, my abs, my eyebrows, all for the sake of creating something that wasn’t supposed to be created in the first place. Why don’t I believe people when they tell me I’m beautiful?

I’m still learning how to accept and love every part of me. Thank you Ms. Jill for teaching me again how to love myself. I hope you’re all listening to her words of wisdom and eating your own self-degrading words!

Love and Beauty,


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